Dirty quotes

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dirty quotes (1)

If I was a skateboard I would grind you all night.


dirty quotes (1)

route to be very dirty but it is filled with a wide variety fun to view the unclean i was filled with laughter despite path to crazily i confirm that i moved on because that is my path – Panmind Puckmai


dirty quotes (2)

A dirty mind cannot be cleaned out, it can only be exploited.


dirty quotes (2)

“I’m gonna call a plumber and throw fittest at him and hunnits¬† hunnits hunnits they make shoes for your penis,they’re called pants. Hahaha everyone’s out there getting and giving except for ole Winny i shook what the good people of Oregon gave me and i got a parking space



dirty quotes (3)

I wish some nights lasted forever.


dirty quotes (3)

I just love getting dirty. – Robin Wright


dirty quotes (4)

Let’s get wet!” said Skywishes. She liked to get wet.


dirty quotes (5)

Everyone’s got secrets, dirty little secrets


dirty quotes (6)

Great minds think alike, but dirty minds work together.


dirty quotes (7)

I’m scared of everything. I’m scared of what I saw. I’m scared of what I did, of who I am…. and most of all, I’m scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life the way I feel when I’m with you. Dirty Dancing

dirty quotes (8)

Acapulco, Mexico: “…queer, dirty little dago town….The people are too revolting for words, super dagoes & some of them are quite black as a result of Spaniards inter-breeding with the Indians; & of course they only speak Spanish- Edward Vlll



dirty quotes (9)

I hope for an America where neither “fundamentalist” nor “humanist” will be a dirty word, but a fair description of the different ways in which people of good will look at life and into their own souls. – Ted Kennedy


dirty quotes (10)Men even contract the dirty, filthy habit of chewing tobacco, and when the habit gets a good hold upon them they are never satisfied except when they have a wad of the stuff in their mouth. So with drinking. It is largely a habit.Thomas Jordan Jarvis


dirty quotes (11)
Secret bank accounts are for laundering dirty money. Heads of state at the UN should put an end them. That would be the best way of tracking down the drug traffickers. Evo Morales
dirty quotes (12)

Six lessons from 50 shades of gray

“1. you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.2. it doesn’t have to be perfect”
3.Choose the most effective sales channel
4.Spread the word
5. Be ready to build on your initial offering
6.Keep your eye on pop culture

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