Discover About Asian Giant Hornets

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The Japanese giant hornet is a subspecies of the world’s largest hornet. These killer insects are a lot closer to home than you think, If you aren’t afraid of bees now, you will be after you read this.

The Giant hornet live some of the best travel destinations in Asia that is terrifying if you happen to suffer from Apiphobia. Apiphobia is a fear of bees. Someone don’t scare on bees, but you’ll probably be re-thinking your position if you happen to look at a photo of what happens to human skin after Asian giant hornet stings! investigates about these bees:

If you are not afraid of bees, now your minds will probably going to change after reading this article.

Do you know what is the Asian (Specially Japanese) Giant Hornet?

There is a lot of people unlucky enough to live where it resides have long feared it. The Asian Giant Hornet made international headlines in 2013 in many NewsPapers when a swarm of them killed 42 people in China. Those lucky enough to survive the Asian giant hornet stings were left not only with wounds resembling bullet holes, but with kidney damage, which in some of the cases will last a lifetime.

The Asian giant hornet is so deadly. If you don’t encounter a swarm of them, is that it doesn’t die when it stings you. In fact, these hornets don’t even lose their stingers, are most other bee and wasps species do, so they can sting you multiple times if they’re especially agitated. And they usually are!

Do you Know Where Does the Asian Giant Hornet Live?

Known scientifically as Vespa Mandarina, the Asian giant hornet can be found all over Asia, from Taiwan, to mainland China, to Southeast Asia and west into India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. It’s most common, however, in the mountains of Japan.

For example, you’re hiking the country’s historical Nakasendo trail, you could have several close calls with the hornets. If you’re lucky, they won’t attack you; you might even be more afraid of bears, given the threat of bear encounters in those woods.


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