Dog Drives A Car in Reverse for an Hour

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A vehicle owner was shocked when her pooch got behind the wheel and drove her car. Amazingly, a video shows how the dog drives a car for around an hour after slipping it into reverse.

Max, the cheeky Labrador was locked in the vehicle by his owner and decided to take the car for a spin around a cul-de-sac in Port St Lucie, Florida.

His owner says she had left the grey sedan briefly after taking a wrong turn. Whilst she was out of the car, the vehicle started moving and didn’t stop.

Why this dog drives a car

All the shocked owner could do was watch as the car circled in reverse, hitting a trash can and mailbox along the way.

Police arrived on the scene and were left with the challenge of stopping the vehicle. While the owner has a spare key, the battery was flat, so it didn’t work.

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Luckily, police were able to bring the car to halt, preventing any serious accident and probably stopping the dog’s dizzy boredom!

Remmeber dogs…don’t drive! Image: Pixabay

When the car was stopped and the door opened, happy Max seemed to be happy and wagging his tail. He clearly enjoyed the ride he had been on.

Speaking to WPTV, neighbor and witness Anna Sabol detailed the incident.

“I figured ‘how the heck did they manage to do that?’ Then I saw another cop car and another cop car.

“I laughed. I thought they should give that dog a license to drive. He was a better driver than a lot of them I’ve seen.

“He was doing pretty good until he hit the mailbox. It went around for about an hour without hitting anything at all.”

Recent Incident

This is not the first story where a dog drives a car. Just last week, we reported on a chihuahua that was able to engage reverse on its owner’s vehicle. In that episode, the naughty pooch sent the car across a busy road. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

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