Double Lottery Winner Celebrates New Year in Style

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One man is a double lottery winner in an amazing turn of luck.

An Australian man believes he is “the luckiest man alive” after he recently collected around $2 million from a lottery jackpot. Amazingly, this was the second jackpot he has won in the last few years.

Speaking to TattsLotto representatives, the anonymous man said he purchased his ticket the weekend before New Year’s Eve.

Based in Nerang, Queensland, the man was playing in the Saturday Gold Lotto $30 million Megadraw. However, he did not expect to see himself among five Division 1 winners scopping a jackpot.

Double Lottery Winner

The success ensured the man enjoyed a New Year to remember. Furthermore, the $1,907,583 he won adds to a previous jackpot win.

Double Lottery Winner

“You probably won’t believe it, but I have won division one before,” the man said. “Only a few years ago I shared a million-dollar winning syndicate with my friend.”

“Now I’m a multi-millionaire. It’s unbelievable. I think I am the luckiest man alive,” he said.

With his latest riches, the man says he wants to reduce his workload and spend more time with family. Travel is also high on the agenda and he is already planning a trip to New Zealand.

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Natalia Escudero, a reporter for public broadcaster RTVE, was so excited to win the lottery when reporting live that she told her network she would not be into work the next day.

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