Driver Spotted A “Leopard” On Road But Was Wrong

by Luke Jones on

A scared driver spotted a leopard on a road and was stunned. However, he quickly found not everything was what it seemed.

When Ben Lilly was driving down a quiet road in West Yorkshire, England last weekend when he spotted what he thought was a leopard injured on the road. There’s one major problem… there are no leopards in the UK.

However, sometimes big cats escape from zoos and the father of two was concerned. He wanted to help the animal but was afraid the big cat would still be alive and attack him.


Driver Spotted A Leopard But Got a Surprise

Finally, Ben plucked up the courage and left his vehicle to check if the cat was ok, but admits he was nervous. In fact, he says his “heart was racing” and he could have his face “ripped off”.

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Ben could see the animal’s tail, but it wasn’t moving so he believe the leopard was dead. However, he was quickly put at ease when he made a shocking realization.

It was not a leopard lying on the road, but instead it was a onesie costume that had been dumped.

Amazingly, when Ben put the story on Facebook, other people who had used the road that day admitted they had also been confused too.

Ben wrote: “Careful! Dead leopard in the road on way to Halifax!

“Oh no, it’s someone’s coat from last night, can’t believe I turned back for this!”

“I saw something in the distance as I was coming round the bend and slowed down, giving it a wide berth in case it was an injured animal.



“As I passed it, I looked out the passenger’s window and saw the markings on it.

“It had the tail bit on it too, so it looked really real while I was driving.

“I thought ‘wow’. You hear of these sightings of big cats and around the Halifax area, there have been reports before.

“I spun round where I could and drove back along. Looked again – it looked real. I then parked behind it and looked from within the car.

“I got out cautiously, because I didn’t want something taking my face off, but as soon as I looked at it from the other angle I started laughing.”

Luckily, he captured the event on camera so we can all see it now. So, this driver spotted a leopard that wasn’t a leopard after-all. Let us know what you think of this story and whether you think the onesie looks like an injured big cat.

Written by: Luke Jones

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