Lonesome Duck Gets a Date with a Personals Ad

by Hanna Embry on

It’s the holiday season, and sometimes, that can make you feel a little lonely. It happens to humans… and apparently, to ducks. In Blue Hill, Maine, one lonely duck got to find their match! However, that’s when Yellow Duck got a holiday surprise!

A Time to Mourn

Chris Morris’s duck, Yellow Duck, was sadly mourning the loss of its mate. When a hungry bobcat decided that Yellow Duck’s partner would make for a good meal. It lead this poor waterfowl being sad and alone.

That’s when Morris, a 31-year-old special education teacher, decided to spread a little holiday cheer for his duck.

yellow duck

Noticing that his pet duck was dejected and sad, Chris Morris decided it was time to act on Yellow Duck’s behalf! Morris created an ad for Yellow Duck and placed the singles’ notice on a community bulletin board at a local grocery chain. Overall, there weren’t any photoshop fails, because it was handmade and ADORABLE!

The ad states the following: “Duck seeking duck. Lonesome runner duck seeks companion. Partner recently deceased.” Not to mention this adorable singles ad also states an email address for Yellow Duck, as well as a disclaimer “serious replies only”.

Finding a Match for Yellow Duck!

Delighted to say that this adorable search for companionship has gone viral! With this duck’s appeal resonating with those who experience how sad the holidays can sometimes be. That’s when a local farmer stepped in to help find the duck of Yellow’s dreams!

Provided by: Jennifer Coolidge via AP. Initial post by Chris Morris.

The Bangor Daily News reports that farmer Sadie Green says that she has “THE” duck to help heal Yellow Duck’s sad and broken heart. All things considered, it’s happy news and the ducks will have their first “blind date” this Sunday!

Their feather-filled date will include some of Yellow Ducks’ favorite foods. Slugs. Here’s hoping there is some holiday magic in the air for these two love birds!

So if you’re feeling a little lonely this holiday season, take note. There is someone out there for everyone! Including ducks!

Written by: Hanna Embry

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