Electric Eel Christmas Tree “Shocks” Aquarium Visitors

by Hanna Embry on

Powering Christmas lights can be expensive as people see their electric bill rise over the holiday season. As a result, one ingenious attraction is using an electric eel Christmas tree generator.

That’s right, an electric eel is powering an aquarium’s Christmas lights this year. This “shocking” news has got people “buzzing” over the weekend.

Visitors to Tennessee Aquarium are being treated to some Christmas decorations with a twist. An electric eel Christmas tree connection is up and running.

In short, owners of the aquarium have used a special connection system to leverage Miguel’s electric shocks to power lights draped around a nearby tree.

Electric Eel Christmas Tree

Like all electric eels, “Miguel Wattson” sends out regular low voltage bolts of electricity when he is looking for food. Kimberly Hurt, who works at the aquarium, says the power is enough for rapid dim blinking Christmas lights.

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Moreover, electric eels are also capable of releasing much higher shocks when excited or agitated. So, when Miguel finds food, he releases a big electric shot and the lights get brighter.

Furthermore, Miguel Wattson has become the star of Tennessee Aquarium and even has his own Twitter account. On the account, the slippery eel shares electric tweets about day-to-day life.

Twitter Celebrity

Interestingly, Miguel himself is sending the tweets by leveraging technology. Thanks to coding software from Tennessee Tech University’s iCube center, electric charges from Miguel are transferred into words for a tweet.

“They combined electrical engineering and emerging business communication to give the eel a voice,” center director Kevin Liska previously said in an aquarium statement.

Looking through Miguel’s Twitter account, we can see tweeted statements like “SHAZAM!!!” and “BAMF!!!”

Therefore, the Twitter account also shows a video of Miguel’s Christmas light activity. According to the Aquarium, Miguel’s antics are boosting the appeal of eels.

In conclusion, what do you think of the electric eel Christmas tree?

Written by: Hanna Embry

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