Elvis Is Found Alive According To Conspiracy Theorists

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Has the one and only Elvis been found alive?

Some conspiracy theorists think “The King” is still alive after some bizarre sightings of someone who looks like Elvis Presley.

Sure, most of us believe that Elvis died of a heart attack in 1977, but rumours have always suggested he faked his death. Plenty of amazing conspiracies have followed Elvis since his passing. For example, people believe he craved a normal life and “dying” was the only way to escape showbusiness.

Now, conspiracy theorists say a series of sightings show that Elvis is alive and well at the age of 85.

Is this Elvis at a live event? Image: https://www.facebook.com/evidenceelvispresleyisalive/

Elvis Found Alive?

Back in June 2019 (and uncovered by the Daily Star this week), images of Elvis Presley were published by a woman. Certainly, she believed she saw Elvis alive and eating in a restaurant with his bodyguards.

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The woman, known as Kelly, remembers: “When I took my first picture and the clip went off, I shocked him.

“The bodyguard ran towards me and then he ran around the side and grabbed the stuff from the table and then they started running out to the back door.

“I thought, maybe I can get a couple more good shots.”

In the photos you can see the older man trying to cover his face and hide while Kelly takes the photos.

Another Sighting

Later last year, Elvis was reportedly spotted again. This time, The King was captured in a video from a live event. Wearing a blue shirt and white beard, the man was moving through the crowd.

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One fan on Facebook page “Evidence Elvis Presley is Alive” believes this is important proof the singer is alive.

Hey guys, take a look at the photos and let us know if you believe these Elvis found alive rumors. Drop us a comment below with your thoughts.

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