Escaped Giraffe on The Loose in Thai City

by Luke Jones on

When you’re driving to work you probably don’t expect to see an escaped giraffe running alongside your car.

However, in one Thailand city, a 6-meter giraffe has escaped from containers filled with zoo animals that were being moved. It is worth noting that giraffes are not native to Thailand so people in the city of Suvarnabhumi are in for a shock.

Zoo animals were being moved from Suvarnabhumi airport to a breeding zoo in Prachin Buri province.

Now authorities are searching the city for the giraffe.


Where Is The Escaped Giraffe?

Many people are asking how the giraffe managed to escape.

It was part of a 24-truck convoy of animals being shipped by Safari World Plc, a company that operates zoo in Thailand.

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As the convoy departed the airport at 4pm, a six-wheeler truck carrying three giraffes was left unlocked. The driver says he was driving down the road when he saw one giraffe run into nearby trees. When he checked the door, he realized the container door was open.

Worse was to come as he also realized it was two giraffes that had escaped.


The Search is On

By 6pm, motorists on Highway 304 in the city spotted the pair of animals in nearby trees and reported it to the national park authority. A team went to the scene and managed to retrieve the smaller of the two giraffes, but the second escaped.

Safari World says it has never known of an incident like this and say the door was likely accidentally left unlocked. When the container moved to the truck the door may have swung open. Authorities are now concerned the animal could be hit by a car and injured.

Will this escaped giraffe be found, or will it find a home in the Thailand jungle?

Written by: Luke Jones

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