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“Evil” Son Pranked Dad, Glued His Stuff To The Ceiling

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One “Evil” son pranked dad with a funny idea that resulted in him sticking stuff to the ceiling.

Everyone loves a good prank and when a plan comes off perfectly, it is often hilarious. Certainly, one son will be feeling good about himself this week as the prank he pulled on his father has gone viral.

An anonymous man called Seaman The Sailor on Reddit says he cooked up a crazy idea that would drive his dad mad.

His plan involved sticking one of his dad’s possessions to the ceiling. However, not just once, but every single day until his father noticed.

Evil Son Pranked Dad

Image: https://www.reddit.com/r/me_irl/comments/ekv7it/me_irl/

How “Evil” Son Pranked Dad?

Dad not only didn’t notice the growing number of possessions on the ceiling, he didn’t even know they were missing.

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Taking to his Reddit thread for daily updates, the son showed how the number of items glued to the ceiling was growing.

For example, it started with his father’s glasses on day one.

“I stuck my dad’s glasses to the ceiling. For every day he doesn’t notice I will add another of his possessions.”

The cheeky son added: “The glasses are his readers and not main glasses so it’s not quite as bad.”

Image: https://www.reddit.com/r/me_irl/comments/ekv7it/me_irl/

Social Media Reaction

People following the post on Reddit loved the prank and in following days the son stuck a phone clip, and even one of his dad’s shoes.

Finally, the father caught on when his TV remote control went missing (hint, it was stuck to the ceiling).

As the prank came to an end, the joker said, “Well boys it was a good run, but all things must come to an end.”

Importantly, while the evil son pranked dad for days, the father took it as a joke and laughed it off.

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