Family Game Night Proposal Goes Viral

by Hanna Embry on

All things considered, finding a way to propose to your partner in a fun, creative, and romantic way can be hard! However, when you find a way to make a proposal memorable, you should go with it! That’s what happened when one North Carolina couple’s family game night proposal went viral.

No, it’s not like that viral swinging man video that sparked a lot of debate. Instead, it was a loving, as well as fun, proposal that captured hearts and minds around the world!

Definitely Not a Feud

In a viral video that was shared to Facebook by Joshua Powell of North Carolina has gone VIRAL! He is seen reading questions in a style that closely resembles Family Feud to his then-girlfriend Kiana Myrick.
It was then that Myrick’s day took an emotional, as well as joyful turn! The questions went as follows:

“We surveyed 100 women,” Powell read. “…name a day a woman always dreams of.”

Kiana Myrick responded with, “Her wedding day.” Not like a real dream and the meaning, this was something that a LOT of women would respond with!

“Name something a woman wears all white to…” Joshua Powell stated next. After several marriage themed questions, Powell finally asked, “How would you finish this? Will you marry me?”

Pausing, as well as clearly thinking something is up, Myrick says “Yes, I will.”

“Might as well make it official, right?” Powell jokes. As he begins to get down on one knee, the room erupts with joyful cheers and happy comments! Not only that, but Myrick’s jaw practically hits the floor!

From Jokes to a Loving Proposal

Powell’s proposal is beautiful. He said, “I love you with all my heart. For everything we’ve been through, baby, we’ve managed to keep God first. And now eight years later, we’re here. I’m looking for 88 more. Will you marry me?”

All in all, the joy felt in the video is incredibly infectious! It’s no wonder the video has been viewed on Facebook over 1.7 million times!

The Viral Marriage Proposal for All the Feels!

Whether you’re into watching viral videos for the hilarious hijinks of a therapy dog, or to find a video that touches the hearts of people all over the world, this is the viral proposal for you!

Written by: Hanna Embry

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