Famous paintings

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Bruegel: Dutch Proverbs (1559) – Gemaldegalerie, Berlin:

Famous paintings (1)

Greco: La Crucifixion (1594) – Prado, Madrid:

Famous paintings (2)

Seurat: La Grande Jatte (1886) – Art Institute, Chicago:

Famous paintings (3)

Altdorfer: The Battle of Alexander the Great (1529) – Alte Pinakothek, Munchen:

Famous paintings (4)

Monet: The Grainstack (1896) – Museum of Fine Arts, Boston:

Famous paintings (5)

Klee: Ad Marginen (1930) – Kunstmuseum, Basel:

Famous paintings (6)

Rembrandt: Belshazzar’s Feast (1635) – National Gallery, London:

Famous paintings (7)

Van Gogh: Cypresses (1889) – Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York:

Famous paintings (8)

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