First Love And Break Up Quotes

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After My first love got break-up with her now I fall In love with Gym which will never get Break-up.

Each day, I come In with a positive attitude, trying to get better. – Stefon Diggs.

First kiss from first love first hug from first love and first breakup no one forget It Because first love teaches what Is “LOVE”.  – Naveen Kumar

“She was my first love…”

She was my first love and we were madly In love. However, I was too young for serious relationships and chose career over love. Now I’m 30, recently I met her In a shopping center, she’s now happily married and has a son. We sat In a café for four hours talking about everything, we both confessed we had the best time of our lives together. Well I came home and simply burst Into tears, how stupid I was to exchange the love of my life for all this. Don’t let “ your” people go.

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