Top 4 Fun Things To Do Before You Move

by Neal Bricker on

Typically, moving to a new place can be an emotional rollercoaster ride. With all familiar people, places, and activities that you’ll leave behind, it can be emotionally draining. Also, it’s hard to be funny when you have lots of pre-move tasks to take care of before your movers arrive. Luckily, the entire relocation process doesn’t have to be filled with despair and sadness. In fact, there are many fun things you can do which can add up to your happiness level while moving.

Below are the top x fun things to do before you relocate to your new house:

1. Make A Memory Album

Moving can be an essential milestone in your life. Instead of viewing it negatively, you can treat it as your opportunity to start fresh. Thus, if you want to make your move fun and enjoyable, why not make a memory album before the moving day. You can take some photos of your old home, your neighborhood, family, and friends in the area for your memories.

Also, if you have old pictures in your drawers, add them to your memory album. Don’t forget to write a caption for each photo describing how happy you were when they were taken a long time ago. By doing so, you’ll surely have a big smile in your face or even a big laugh while making the memory album.

On the other hand, if you want to pay attention to making funny memories with the people you’ll leave behind, hire professionals who offer quality moving services long distance to help you. While you’re busy with the creation of your memory album, your movers will make sure that everything about your move runs smoothly.

2. Throw A Fun Party Before The Moving Day

Don’t make your goodbyes to your friends, neighbors, and loved ones so sad and lonely. Instead of crying out loud because you’ll be leaving them, you can throw a fun party the night before your relocation day. Although the mixed sad and happy feelings can’t be avoided, you can lighten up everyone’s mood with some fun activities.

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For instance, you can play some funny games that’ll help you and everyone else get a good laugh. These can include knee-trembler, magic carpet ride, baby rattle, nose dive, and many more. You can also initiate an activity where the participants should joke around and whoever gets more claps and laughs from the crowd wins. By doing these activities during the party, you’ll undoubtedly forget the lonely side of moving.

3. Dine-In At Your Favorite Restaurant Or Fast Food Chain

You’ll more likely have one restaurant or fast-food chain you love eating at. Hence, before your move-in date, find time to visit these places and eat your local food favorites. Making one last trip to your favorite place can be one of the memorable events you’ll have in your old home.

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But, if you want to do something funny in a place you love, buy and eat a family size bag of chips by yourself from your most-loved fast-food chain. This can be one of the hilarious things you can do before you move. Imagine, eating a family size bag of chips on your own is quite funny. So, get the most out of your last trip there by doing some crazy yet amusing things before getting a fresh start in your new place.

4. Make A Hilarious Moving Sale

In reality, organizing a moving sale doesn’t sound like fun. But, with your great sense of humor and wit, you’ll not only make this task enjoyable but a source of laughter before the moving day.

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For example, you can place some hilarious garage sale signs around the area that’ll surely lure others to buy. Moreover, you can even make selling a little funny by dancing your favorite dance craze or singing while attracting people to buy. If you’re not used to it, you can find these things funny or hilarious to do before you move.

Moving is Fun

Don’t allow moving to get you down. Give yourself a favor, and that’s to have fun and make some funny moving memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Therefore, if you want your relocation to Manhattan and other nearby places to be full of laughter, keep these things in mind and ensure to hire experienced movers. That way, your entire moving process will be as seamless and fun-filled as possible.

Written by: Neal Bricker

Neal Bricker is a blogger who loves writing about entertainment and funny stuff.