Funny Jokes

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Some people remind me of old TV sets. You have to hit them a few times until they get the picture.

You look so much thinner! Thanks I had my appendix removed…

Biggest joke of the century “computer and mobile were Invented to save our time.”

Man 1: Why Is prime minister not seen In morning. Man 2: Because he Is PM not AM.

If someone calls you ‘UGLY’ have a good comeback and say ‘Excuse Me, I am not A mirror’.

Wherever we keep d money, our son steals It. I don’t know what to do about It, where do I keep the money? Keep It In his books. He never touches them…

Boy: I checked yesterday that I don’t have any Iron In my body. Girl: How did you check? Boy: I checked with a magnet, It was not sticking to me..!

Boy: our principal Is so stupid. Girl: Don’t you know who I am? Boy: No. Girl: I’m the principal’s daughter. Boy: Do you know who I am? Girl: No. Boy: Good(Walks away).







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