Funny Pictures of Animals

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Oh no you di-idn’t 

Walking my fish

Roes are gray violets  are gray i’m a dog.

mouth says eat legs say no.

I need dis

I am king of the world!

Come at me, ese!

Psst, Whatcha doin?

You are no match for my powers of cuteness.

No, sir, i do not like to “move it, move it”

Dude? OMG

I love this fucking stick!!!

 funny kangaroo !!!

When snail in hurry.

Why do you ask?

act natural.act natural.act natural.

KFC witness.

Clam down i’m just saying hi.

Give me one , Give me one Give me one Give me one .

I got moves like jaguar..

Something touched my foot! Something touched my foot!.

I’m a body builder, are u?

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