Funny Pranks

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Are you a prankster or just want to revenge against your prankster friend? Well, check out some funny pranks in this post.

One post showed two glasses filled with water and they are flipped. The person who will turn the glasses back will have to perform a serious cleaning after. Another picture showed a door and a hand horn taped on the wall.

All photos are free to use. You can send it to your friend so you can have a partner in crime or just bookmark this so you can easily check the pranks back incase the need arises.

Switched tire.

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! 

Hidden air horn 

6 Funny purse pranks purse snake!

This is my Desk.!!!

have fun cleaning this up! love you daddy.

Invisible Rope 3


It’s the  middle of the night you’re home alone and see this coming up the stairs what do?

What a Surprise! for me!!

Haa! haaa! haaaa!

April fools!

Heart attack in.. 1.2.3..

Because… why should she have all the fun?

Two bottle of dish soap goes a long way…

What a junction!!!!

Spilled oj?!

Imagine how much fun you could have with these while serving random couples in a coffee shop.

Found an extra pair of boots at the worksite. Decided to give my supervisor a heart attack.

Spider-man’s  car.

Ohh… dear I love you!!!

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