Funny Random Memes

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Ask her If we can be In one of her movies.

When you get on the elevator alone and you see someone walking towards It.

When she drops her panties and the whole room start to smell like Onions.

The face we make when someone annoys the living heck out of us and doesn’t leave us alone.

Goats are like mushrooms. If you shoot a duck, I’m scared of toasters.

See your dog shitting outside knock on window and laugh when he hooks.

Someday I’ll be a unicorn.

Fellas! She Is not a slow texter. She busy texting other duds. So be patient and wait your turn.

When the whole class Is fighting over whether the answer Is 17 or 18 but you got 157.

I finally quit drinking for good now I drink for evil.

Getting ready for work like:

When you’re too poor to buy BTS merch: [ eats away the pain]

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