Amazing Ghost Video Stuns The Internet

by Hatice Degirmenci on

Online users have been left shocked by an amazing ghost video.

A video posted online seemingly shows the spine-chilling moment a ghost appeared on top of trees. Accompanied by a shocking scream, the ghoul has left people in the local town scared to leave their homes.

During the incredible video, a human shape is seeing atop the trees and a chilling noise wails from the apparition. However, people in the Colombian town where the ghost was spotted believe the creepy figure is La Llorona.

Amazing Ghost Video

La Llorona is an urban legend in Latin America. The so-called “Weeping Woman” is infamous for being a mother who drowned her two sons in a river before committing suicide. For her actions, the woman was forever cursed.

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For example, the stunning video seems to be one of the best ever images of a ghost. Whether it’s La Llorona or another ghost, the figure has scared locals in the municipality of Monitos, Cordoba, Colombia during its appearance.

Social Media Reaction

However, people on social media are divided on if this is a ghost or not. Certainly, some believe the video is fake. One poster even suggested the whole story is simply a myth and could be a conspiracy.

Amazing Ghost Video


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“These legends are used by unscrupulous people who want to buy properties at a knock-down price.

“If they can’t buy them cheap, La Llorona suddenly appears.”

Furthermore, another viewer said: “Instead of scaring me, this video made me laugh.

“What is that woman doing up there, she is going to fall!

“Does she think she will find her kids in the treetop?”

It’s worth pointing out that a movie about the La Llorona legend (The Curse of La Llorona) was released last year.

Do you have the courage to watch this amazing ghost video? If you do, be sure let us know if you think this is the real deal or simply another fake clip.

Written by: Hatice Degirmenci

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