Giant Shark Megalodon: The Most Dangerous Hunter In The Sea

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Most of the fairytale or legendary facts that are not true are easily understood. But these legends are often based on something or incident. Which has changed slightly over the years. giant sharks will be organized this year.

The name of a legend is Megalodon. The mysteries of the sea’s largest shark were less humble, nor did the discussion debate diminish. Many believe that these sharks still exist. History and scientific experiments have proved that these sharks were once ruled by ocean in the ocean. However, the shark still exists, whether it still exists or not.

20 million years ago, the large sharks of Megalodon were ruled by the sea. Various studies, found fossils and scientists’ opinion suggest that this shark would be 18 meters or 60 feet tall. Like many others, they were more than 100 feet tall.

The fossils found and the scientists’ opinion suggests that this shark would be 18 meters or 60 feet tall. Like many others, they were more than 100 feet tall.

This shark jaw was more than 6 feet wide and 7 inches tall, 270 rowing teeth turned into a terrible predator.

The current Great White Shark is taller than 15 to 20 feet. Compare this to the fact that this shark was a cause of panic for any animal in the sea.

Many researchers have stressed that this creature has long been erased from the earth’s chest. But in the last hundred years, the phenomenon of seeing some unusual large sharks on the ocean floor weakens the demand.

Many fishermen in Mexico, Polynesia and Indonesia have claimed they have seen more than 50-60 feet of sharks. There are also claims that many have been attacked. But most of them are considered exaggerated.

But the whale found in the past years is a sign of some huge bite in the body of the fish, but it is left to think of scientists. In the 1970s, the researchers found that an attacker was about 30 feet tall.

Although this shape is not the same as the legend of Megalodon, it is sure that any hunter is larger than the White Shark. Researchers said that a marine creature that had been extinct 6 billion years ago was thought to have been extinct, but in 1938 and 1952 the animal is seen again. Because of this, the researchers believe that like the Belgian, Megalodon may have survived in some way to extinction. But that number is not too much.

However, the argument against it is that if the existence of Megalodon could have been found, then its sign could certainly be found. There is no such news about the existence of such a large body of sharks or the existence of the prostate of the dead creatures of Megalodon. These giant sharks have been eradicated long before due to climate change and food crisis.

Much of the deep sea remains unknown to us, however, as there are sure answers about whether this huge shark is still ruling, many believe that the shark may still survive.

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