Girl Got A Harmonica Stuck in Mouth, Plays Tunes with Breath

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One girl got a harmonica stuck in her mouth and the result is hilarious. Like something from a cartoon, this girl plays tunes as she breathes heavily.

High school student Mollie O’Brien was playing with a harmonica to entertain her cousin. However, her idea of impressing her cousin was to try to place the entire instrument in her month.

Amazingly, Moillie managed to get the harmonica into her mouth but was unable to get it back out again.

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In a funny twist, the instrument got caught between her cheeks.


How Girl Got A Harmonica Stuck

While the situation itself was funny enough, how Mollie looked really sold it! The harmonica was holding her cheeks and mouth open and music would play when she breathed.

What would you do in the same situation? For example, Mollie embraced it and uploaded a video to TikTok. In the clip, the Ontario-based teenager plays a montage of her playing the harmonica in her mouth. On the video, the lyrics “I just did a bad thing, I regret the thing I did, and you’re wondering what it is.”

Mollie was unable to speak and wrote on TikTok: “Well… I shoved an entire harmonica in my mouth, and it’s stuck now” – all while her breathing hilariously plays music as she films.

Her mother took her to hospital, and she was sent to the dentist. With specialist tools, the dentist was able to remove the harmonica.

Mollie saw the funny side during the ordeal and her video has now been viewed over 1.8 million times.



The teen admits that while she was laughing at first, she became worried. Furthermore, Mollie says her breathing got heavier and the music became louder.

As for advice from the dentist, he wisely said: “Let’s not do this again, OK dear?”

Take a look at Mollie’s video where she got a harmonica stuck in her mouth during playtime with her cousin. Let us know below know what you think of the clip below.

Image Source: Richard Clyborne Flickr

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