Hilarious Wedding Demand Shocks Photographers

by Luke Jones on

This amazingly hilarious wedding demand needs to be seen to be believed!

Everybody is allowed to make some outlandish remarks on their wedding day. After-all, this is your big day and you want everything to go perfectly. However, one hilarious wedding demand has gone viral and left a photographer predicting the marriage will fail.

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A wedding photographer showed an email from a couple looking to have her take photos during their big day. One demand the couple made left the photographer scratching their head. Furthermore, social media users have deemed the demand crazy.

Hilarious Wedding Demand

In the email, the demand reads: “Hello. My fiancé and I are looking for a wedding photographer but are having some issues with the contracts we are coming across.

“We are wanting a clause that guarantees us a refund should we ever get divorced, since we would not need the photos in that situation.

“Please let me know if this is something you have in your contract or would be willing to add.

“Thank you.”

Social Media Reaction

Amazed by the demand, the photographer did the only logical thing and shared the request on Reddit.

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Redditors were equally dumbfounded by the demands and the post quickly racked up thousands of comments. Many pointed out the obvious flaw in the couple’s logic.

“Everyone who attends the wedding and gives a gift should get the gift back or a refund. Where’s that clause dirtbag?”

Another mocked the idea by adding, “If I don’t get a job in the field I majored in, can I get my tuition refunded?”

For example, some social media comments suggested this was a sign the couple’s marriage is doomed to fail.

One replied: “Rule of thumb: if you’re thinking about getting divorced before you even get married, then the person you’re going to marry isn’t the right one.”

Finally, what do you guys think of this hilarious wedding demand?

Written by: Luke Jones

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