Holiday Wrapping Hack Wows the Internet

by Luke Jones on

Check out this holiday wrapping hack that is wowing the internet.

The Christmas holiday is now just a week away and people are putting together their final preparations. For example, presents have now been bought and wrapping them can get underway.

A new holiday wrapping hack could make all that wrapping much easier for you. Certainly, the hack has clicked online and is being praised on social media.

Let’s be honest, most people hate wrapping gifts and many people are terrible at it. How many times have your presents looked like they have been balled in paper instead of “wrapped”.

Holiday Wrapping Hack

Well the holiday wrapping hack has gone viral because it will help you get your gifts wrapped easily. Furthermore, you will be able to wrap in seconds.

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The seven-second video was posted by British bookstore chain Waterstones on Twitter and quickly spread across social media. In the clip, there is an example of how to wrap a box shaped item. During the wrapping, the paper being used appears to be too small.

However, somehow the person manages to wrap the gift properly and quickly. Importantly, it took the video just 24 hours to get over 11.7 million views!

More Hacks

It is worth noting the footage was created by the @BlossomHacks account, which offers “daily life fixes that keep you and your family in mind.”

Image: Pixabay

You can check out the extended video here, which shows other holiday hacks and tips.

As for the holiday wrapping trick, social media lit up with people praising the video as helpful. Many said they couldn’t believe the contents were not established knowledge of how to wrap gifts. Moreover, others were amazed and said, “this just changed my life”.

Check out the holiday wrapping hack and let us know if you could already wrap this well.

Written by: Luke Jones

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