Horse Rider Hit with A Distracted Driving Ticket

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A horse rider was left confused when strict cops slapped a distracted driving charge on him.

Of course, it is illegal to drive a car when holding a device like a smartphone. This is called distracted driving and carries a fine. However, have you ever heard of a charge being laid on someone riding a horse.

Bizarrely, cops told the man that he was getting a ticket because he did not have a hands-free kit on his horse.


Horse Rider Charged with Distracted Driving

The man was riding down a road in New South Wales, Australia and was travelling around 10km/h. He has his mobile phone on his ear and was talking. Police stopped him and issued a ticket.

When he was in court, the defendant admitted he was stunned with the ticket.

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Hilariously, Magistrate David Day laughed during the court hearing and admitted he had never handled a case like this one.

“I’ve had someone charged with being drunk on a horse before – but just one”.


Court Case

Tim Cain defended the man and said the situation was trivial and the client decided to plead guilty. He said the defendant realized the horse was moving when he was stopped.

Magistrate Day said, “under the road rules a horse is a vehicle … and he didn’t have a hands-free device fitted to the horse”.

“Especially in a rural area where animals are a form of transport,” he said. However, Day also conceded the matter was indeed trivial.

A three-month Conditional Release Order was issued, and no conviction recorded.

In New South Wales, the law mandates that vehicles include transport moved by an animal, including riding an animal. Some you ride is noted a motorbike or animal vehicle.

What do you think, did this horse rider deserve a distracted driving charge?

Written by: Hatice Degirmenci

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