How to Make Essay Writing Fun?

by Neal Bricker on

Can you imagine essay writing to be fun? Students most likely consider essay writing as a dull and tiresome activity. In general, crafting any type of text takes time and effort. Not every trainee is good at it and has both enough time and discipline for creating the story. But what if writing was fun?

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If you take another approach and look at it differently, you will see how amusing it can turn out in the end. To change your mind and enjoy the writing process you need to know secret tips. A team of experienced academic writers from SmartWritingService essay writing service has developed a list of efficient clues to make your writing fun.

1. Create a Ritual

Writing is a challenging process. You need to be self-disciplined to manage it. Students, however, are quite reluctant to sit down and spend several hours writing a text. If you are this type of student you need to stick to a ritual. It will help you schedule your time and enjoy the process.

There are different ways to include writing into your routine. First, you can set a timer on your phone and follow it. Your productivity will be great if you have enough time to rest. Thus, set your timer for 30 minutes maximum. Leave some 5-minute intervals to change the activity and rest.

If this is not interesting for you, use your phone apps. There are various variants to make you concentrate on writing. They are fun and will discreetly help you focus better.

2. Change Usual Place

Writing can be boring if you think of it as your duty. But changing your regular seat or office will make a great difference. If working in your bedroom is a routine, think of working from your kitchen, bathroom, or garden. Find a spacious and well-lit place. It can be anything in your house. Now you will be more inspired to write since there is something unusual in it.

Another option would be going to a coffee shop or cafeteria. There are cosy places intended for distance working. You can get coffee and set yourself in a good productive mood for writing. The new atmosphere will help you generate ideas and take inspiration from new people.

3. Work With a Friend

Working alone isn’t fun at all. Imagine sitting in your office and trying to make up a sentence in complete silence. Does it sound appealing? Will it make you enjoy the writing. Thus, you need a friend to make everything a lot easier. It is better to ask your classmate to join you. If you ask another person to spend this time together, everything can go wrong. You would focus more on communication and forget about the task.

Thus, you’d better suggest one of your classmates meet and spend time together. It is very beneficial. You don’t get bored and have someone to talk to. Furthermore, you can always ask for feedback or get advice about your writing. It is also funnier to create interesting ideas together. Working with a friend will bring positive emotions and brighten up the process.

4. Reward Yourself

To come up with good and interesting writing, you need to stay productive. In most cases, it is a real challenge to find motivation not to stop halfway. Some students are persistent enough to continue writing until they write down the final word in their essays. But for most students, it is a real struggle to stay focused all the time. If you feel like giving up the text, you need to find an impetus.

Think about what you will get in the end. Probably, you write the text to get high grades. Or maybe you want to impress your teacher with impeccable work. If you don’t have the exact motivation, create it. Promise yourself to buy a tasty drink or desired chocolate cake in the nearby coffee shop. Real motivation will help you be more productive and make it fun.

5.  Use Creativity

To make the writing fun you need to be creative. If you like bright colours or pictures, you should use them in the process. If you are using your laptop to type the text in a document, make use of colour code or funky fonts. Stay away from a boring Times New Roman style and make your text unique. This is obvious that such creativity is possible when you are making a draft. But, one way or another, it will entertain you.

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If you write on a piece of paper, things are even easier. Take a handful of marker pens in varying colours. Find some pictures or stickers and put them onto the paper. But remember that being creative is good at the preparatory stage. When you present the final variant for other people to read, you need to stick to accepted standards.

These are effective methods to make essay writing fun. Use them and you will see the difference.

Written by: Neal Bricker

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