Hulk vs Wolverine Could Happen Says Avengers Star

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Star of the MCU and The Avengers movies, Mark Ruffalo, has a plan for his character. According to the actor, the next MCU movies he appears in should show the Hulk vs Wolverine.

Both Marvel superheroes are fan favorites and would be ideal adversaries in a battle. Of course, as they are both good guys, a movie with Hulk and Wolverine would need to end with them teaming to beat on some big bad.

According to ComicBook, Ruffalo spoke of the possibility at Tokyo Comic-Con. He says he is on board for Phase 4 of the MCU and hopes a Hulk vs Wolverine movie is something that can be made.

“Hulk vs Wolverine. I’d like to see that.”

Mark Ruffalo has played Hulk since 2012

Ruffalo is not alone in his desire to see Hulk take on Wolverine. Indeed, it’s a movie matchup fans have wanted for years.

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Until recently, seeing Hulk and Wolverine in the same movie was impossible. Wolverine and his X-Men were signed exclusively to Fox, whereas Hulk and the MCU are under Disney’s wing.

Of course, Disney purchased Fox in 2018, allowing the X-Men to join the MCU. While Marvel has offered no plans on integrating Wolverine into the Avengers’ world, fans will be eager to see it.

Wolverine Leading the X-Men. Image: Fox Official

Hulk vs. Wolverine Potential

It’s also interesting because Ruffalo has yet to have a solo outing as Hulk. Edward played the part in 2008’s The Incredible Hulk, which performed poorly at the box office. Ruffalo has played the Big Green Monster in four Avengers movies and Thor Ragnarök. Fans are crying out for a solo film!

In contrast, Wolverine has been the best-represented superhero in cinema history. Famously played by Hugh Jackman, the character has appeared in nine movies in the X-Men franchise.

As always, if a Hulk vs. Wolverine movie gets made, it would be following in the footsteps of Marvel comics. On the page, the two superheroes have squared off numerous times and the two are evenly matched.

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