Husband Put on Sale by Wife Following Funny Error

by Luke Jones on

A husband was put on sale by his wife in a hilarious payback for him making a big mistake.

Let’s be honest, most of us have messed up the laundry, whether its leaving paper in a pocket or putting a red sock in with white bed clothes.

However, one man made a blunder that was much worse. Taking to Facebook, the woman said her husband got the settings wrong on the washing machine and destroyed her expensive designer trousers.

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The Spell and the Gypsy Collective trousers (which cost $180) were shrunk to a tiny child-like size. To help pay for a new pair, the wife punished the husband by putting him up for sale. The Michigan-based woman took a photo of her hubby and posted it on her social media.

Husband Put on Sale


Husband Put on Sale

However, the woman is unlikely to get hold of a new pair whether her husband is sold or not. That’s because the camel trousers are now sold out.

Still, hubby is still available for anybody interested. Although, he will set you back £85 (around $100), but it seems there are no takers.

It turns out the woman is not alone. In the comments section, other people pointed to their own husbands screwing up the laundry.

One wrote: “My husband is also banned from washing anything of mine after washing and throwing a very expensive and much treasured silk shirt in the dryer.

Another explained a similar situation: “He did it to my favorite knit. It still hangs in my walk-in robe for him to see as a reminder to never touch my clothes again.”

So, with the husband put on sale, do you think the punishment from the wife was enough? What would you do if you spouse messed up your favorite piece of clothing?

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