OO7 James Bond Ad Hilariously Mocks Daniel Craig

by Luke Jones on

Most people think of OO7 James Bond as a suave super spy who can do everything with an air of dashing charm. However, in a new video Daniel Craig has poked fun at his James Bond persona. In fact, the usually cool sophistication of Bond gives way to him becoming a bumbling fool.

During the hilarious clip, Craig goes through a series of everyday situations and messes them up. Filmed for beer company Heineken as part of its responsible drinking campaign, the ad is titled “Daniel Craig vs. James Bond”.

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Filmed in the Spanish towns of Tamarit and Cardona, the ad promotes Dry January for abstaining from alcohol for a whole month.

OO7 James Bond Fails Ad

The video starts with Craig getting into a taxi where the driver is impressed to see “James Bond”. Inspired by having OO7, the glamourous driver puts pedal to metal and races the car through the town.

Riffing on the Bond persona, instead of being cool in the situation, Craig looks uncomfortable. When he leaves the cab, things go from bad to worse as he leaves his passport and wallet in the back seat and needs to chase after the car.

While Bond can chase baddies for minutes, Craig is exhausted as he runs after the car. Two amused old men say “James Bond? No.”

Next, Craig shows up at a castle to find the mystery taxi driver and steals a tuxedo to steal in. So far, so Bond. However, it quickly goes wrong as he misses obvious criminal activity, walks into a waiter carrying knives and forks, and implores people not to refer to him as James Bond.

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Craig once famously said he would rather “slit my own wrists” than continue to play Bond. That did not last long and the actor will once again be playing the secret agent in this year’s “No Time To Die”.

Check out the hilarious 007 James Bond ad and let us know below what you think are the funniest moments.

Written by: Luke Jones

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