Jamie Dornan Quotes

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Some skinny Irish guy.

A lot of people care about this book and I’m not under any illusion that they don’t, All I can say is I’m going to do everything in my power to portray Christian Grey as truthfully as possible. I can’t guarantee that’s going to please everyone – just me being cast doesn’t please everyone, but it’s happened and I’m going to give it everything.

I guss I’m just lucky with my gens.- Jamie Donan

For you, Anastasia I will try.

Hearts & flowers that’s not who I am.

I’ve always needed to bulk up, so until the modeling took off I was ramming Big Macs down my throat and doing plenty of bodyweight work. I’m over the Big Macs now, but I’ll still drop down and do my press ups whenever I find the time.- Jamie Dornan.

Are you gay, Mr Grey?

He stops and runs his hand through his hair. “We have to walk before we can run.” Suddenly he smirks – Fifty shades darker.

Don’t leave me you said you wouldn’t leave me .

Where have you been? – Christian

If you could read my mind, You’d be In tears.

There’s something about you though and I’m finding It Impossible to stay away.

Fifty shades of grey.

Why don’t you like to be touched?

Oh, Anastasia steele, did you just roll your eyes at me ? – Christian Grey.

Well fuck me what was that ? I need to know more about this girl…

Mr Grey will see you now.

Where have you been? Waiting.

Never trust a man who can dance.

Every time you move tomorrow, I want you to be reminded that I’ve been here. Only me. You are mine.

Where have you been?

I exercise control In all things.

I certainly don’t fear It .

Keep calm and love Mr. Grey.

I am never going to please all 100 million people,” he told The Independent. “I know there are campaigns of hate against me already.- Jamie Dornan

I want you sore, baby.

 Are you free?

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