John Legend the Sexiest Man Alive For 2019

by Amna El Tawil on

John Legend has got it all; Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony, and now he has yet another title to add to his impressive resume – the sexiest man alive. Well, at least that’s what People magazine decided.

Fans of People magazine anxiously wait for their annual Sexiest Man Alive edition to see who got the title, and this year people assumed it would be Jason Momoa, Chris Evans, or Idris Elba again. So when the name of the sexiest man in the world was finally revealed, it came as a major surprise to most people online who didn’t expect to see John Legend on the cover.

Why People Chose John Legend For 2019?

Reasons, why People magazine chose John Legend as the sexiest man alive, are numerous, despite some negative reactions on Twitter. The magazine described him as a talented musician and songwriter with an EGOT status.

Just a reminder: only 15 people have won it all (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony). Besides his amazing professional achievements, John Legend is a down-to-earth guy and a doting father to his kids Luna and Miles. He’s also a big advocate for female empowerment.

John Legend’s Interview In People Magazine

In his interview with the People magazine, John Legend commented on the sexiest man alive title and said he was excited and scared at the same time knowing very well everyone would be picking him apart to see whether he’s sexy enough to hold the title.

This is especially because the sexiest man alive in 2018 was none other than gorgeous Idris Elba. Being a humble guy as he is, John praised his parents, wife, and kids, stating he’s proud of them as well as his career. 

People may agree or disagree, but it’s impossible to deny the fact that sexiness comes in many forms and shapes, there’s no formula for that. John Legend is the perfect example that good guys can finish first.

Written by: Amna El Tawil