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Does John Lennon influence a big part of your life? You are lucky because this post compiles some of the most amazing John Lennon quotes.

John Lennon is not just a great musician, he is also a philosopher, peacemaker, statesman, and a social worker. His statements influenced many cultures and some of them are still significant today.

He talked about peace, love, happy endings, achieving one’s dreams, honesty, and happiness.

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If you want to peace, you won’t get It with violence. – John Lennon

Everything will be okey In the end. If It’s not the end.

The time you enjoy wasting Is not wasted time. – John Lennon.

I think people have their picture of God all wrong. I think God is like a simple gorilla. And when he pulls up to you on his scooter and says, ‘Hello, it’s me, Dr. Herman god. Let’s blast off to the moon; you simply have to accept the charges.

There’s nowhere you can be that can be that Isn’t where you’re meant to be. – John Lennon.

Being honest might not get you a lot of friends, but It will always get you the right ones. – John Lennon.

If everyone demanded peace Instead of another television set, then there’s be peace. – John Lennon.

We live In a world where we have to hide to make love, while violence Is practiced In broad daylight. – John Lennon.

It’ll all be okay In the end. If It’s not okay, It’s not the end. – John Lennon.

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