Joker Actor Joaquin Phoenix Starts Tuxedo Gimmick

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Joker actor Joaquin Phoenix says he will wear the same tuxedo to every event this awards season.

Is Joaquin Phoenix trying to save the planet or is this a whacky stunt? The actor says he will wear a single tuxedo to every awards ceremony he attends this season.

Yes, the same tux he wore at the Golden Globes last weekend will be put to good use over the coming month. For example, the star will wear the Stella McCartney suit to the Oscars next month.

Considering Phoenix is up for many awards thanks to his excellent role in “Joker”, that’s a lot of times the tuxedo will be worn.

Is Joker Actor Joaquin Phoenix Wearing The Same Suit?

However, it is worth remembering Hollywood stars use many different suits and dresses during awards season. Sure, but is Joaquin’s move really helping to save the environment. Many fans hilariously trolled the actor after the announcement.

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Still, designer McCartney jumped to his defense in a tweet.

“This man is a winner,” she wrote, “wearing custom Stella because he chooses to make choices for the future of the planet. He has also chosen to wear this same Tux for the entire award season to reduce waste.”

People offered some hilarious replies to McCartney.

“He’s wearing a suit more than once,” read one funny response. “Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela take a seat a new hero is in town.”


What Happens To Awards Season Clothes?

While we can laugh at Phoenix a little (hey, it’s still well intentioned and for a good cause), the gimmick raises a question. What happens to tuxedos and suits after all the year’s awards shows are over.

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As we know, these are not ordinary people, so the suits are not put into the wardrobe until next year. Instead, some tuxes are returned to the designer and can be re-sold.

You may remember a famous episode of Friends where Chandler and Ross get second-hand celebrity suits from Ralph Lauren.

Do you think Joker actor Joaquin Phoenix is doing a good thing by re-using his awards tuxedo?

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