Kim Kardashian Empty Fridge Meme Gets A Response

by Luke Jones on

Kim Kardashian empty fridge memes have been in overdrive since the reality star made a video this week. During the original clip, Kim shows off what she has in her fridge. However, there was an obvious problem… there was hardly anything in it!

Fans quickly mocked Kardashian over the lack of, well, anything in her fridge.

Now, Kim has hit back and given fans a look at what she says is her primary fridge, a massive walk in unit. In the new video, the fridge is stocked top to bottom with various items, including six different brands of bottled water.

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So, is Kim’s fridge usually empty and she rushed to stock it following the memes, or is it always like this?


Does Kim Kardashian Have An Empty Fridge?

Looking into the walk-in fridge of the 39-year-old, there also five different milks, a ton of cheese, and a dedicated shelf for sprinkles.

In the Instagram video posted Wednesday, Kim says: “OK since the inside of my fridge is so baffling and I saw all these news reports, I’m gonna give you guys a tour of my fridge.”

Check out the fridge tour on Kim’s Instagram stories here.

Her fridge sports a clear glass door with various brands of water inside. Kim says her fridge is stocked with her favorite milks, such as oat milk, lactose free, organic, and almond. So, why does Kardashian have that much milk?

She says its for her kids: “’All my kids use a different kind of milk, you guys,” while showing the fridge that was featured in the earlier Instagram story snap.

Next, Kim moved into what looks like the main area of her kitchen and explains its “where it all happens”. She then opens the massive walk in fridge to show loads of produce and products.

“And you guys I have a walk-in refrigerator! Where we keep all of our fresh organic produce. We are building on the property all organic trees to grow our own vegetables and do all our own stuff”.

So, the Kim Kardashian empty fridge memes were funny, but it seems the star does keep well stocked.

Written by: Luke Jones

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