A Kiss Between Boyfriend and Girlfriend is Not Always Easy!

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A kiss between boyfriend and girlfriend is a special thing, signifying their bond with each other. However, one cautious boyfriend says his girlfriend must pass some rules before she can lay her lips on him!

Taking to social media, the boyfriend says his GF must list what she has eaten before she can kiss him. Furthermore, she must also brush her teeth before locking lips.

While the demand may seem harsh, the boyfriend explains that he has a very good reason for the request.

Speaking on Reddit, the anonymous kiss blocker says he has numerous food allergies. Some of these are serious and resulted in him being hospitalized after suffering a reaction when kissing an ex. He admits that the situation was his fault and his old girlfriend broke off the relationship afterwards.

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The poster says he should have checked at the time what the girl ate to see if he was allergic to her diet. According to him, the ex was unwilling to change her diet to be able to kiss him without causing a reaction.

What’s a kiss between boyfriend and girlfriend?

Apparently quite a lot. The boyfriend says his new girlfriend must now tell him what she eats before they can kiss. What’s a normal activity for most couples requires hard work for this unlucky pair.

In his post, he explains how the dynamic with his girlfriend works.

“Now I make sure to ask girls before I kiss them. I started dating my girlfriend about a month ago and every time she comes over, I ask her to list the things she has eaten that day.”

“My doctor recommended not kissing until it’s been at least 4 hours since the other person has consumed the allergen and having them brush their teeth.”

“My girlfriend has started saying, “Don’t worry, I didn’t eat anything bad” but I know there are some things that people don’t realize contain my allergens.”

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Social Media Reaction

Most on Reddit said the boyfriend was not a bad person. They explained he had a reason for asking his girlfriend for a list of foods she has eaten before kissing her. However, some said the boyfriend will have to learn to trust his girlfriend’s judgement as the relationship grows.

Do you agree with the boyfriend or do you think he is worrying too much? Let us know in the comments below or on social media.

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