Lil Boosie quotes

by Smith on

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God forgive me I’ve been hurt by a couple of niggas that’s why I wake up say my prayers and be like fuck a nigga.


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As long we pay our do’s we gone sit back and just laugh
Whether checks, credit cards or cash look I need you bad
I need ya


lil boosie quotes (3)

So you tellin’ me Zimmerman free but i still aint?


lil boosie quotes (4)

And you gots to be real, all this drama showed me that.


lil boosie quotes (5)

When you don’t pray, the devil rides ya when ya sleep.


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I think about l going to jail every night..i got enough music to last me,i got a Beatles catalogue. my music will take me a long way.


lil boosie quotes (7)

Time heals almost anything, Give the time some time.


lil boosie quotes (8)

You don’t need no n-gga. Be independent!


lil boosie quotes (9)

When you down and out don’t nobody trust ya, but when you got bread it seems like everybody love ya. – Lil Boosie


lil boosie quotes (10)

She love a nigga but I be damn if she trust a nigga..


lil boosie quotes (11)

You know why they hate me, cause they love me – Lil Boosie


lil boosie quotes (12)

Yeah, I’m talking bout the law. Y’all some f-cking devils. Up in school you got the blues, now ya bout whateva.


lil boosie quotes (13)

All hoes aint sweet they messy everything happens for a reason…but they all lessons .


lil boosie quotes (14)

Everything happens for a reason…but they all lessons .


lil boosie quotes (15)


When you down and out, don’t nobody trust ya. But when you got bread it seem like everybody love ya.

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Written by: Smith