Lithuanian Airport Builds Christmas Tree with Confiscated Items

by Hanna Embry on

Who needs ribbons and tinsel when you have knives, scissors, and razors? A Lithuanian Airport has built a “dangerous” Christmas tree made from confiscated items. Not only did passengers get their items taken away, but they helped create an interesting decoration!

The Vilnius Airport decided to take a more festive approach to taking away passengers’ carry-on items. They confiscated so many prohibited items over the course of the year they were able to decorate an entire Christmas tree out of them!


Dangerous Christmas Tree Decor

The Delightfully dangerous Christmas tree had all of the following:

  • Knives
  • Lighters
  • Blades
  • Scissors
  • Toy guns
  • Hairspray
  • And so many other things!

It’s amazing that so many travelers tried to get past security with all of these items in their carry-on bags! There won’t be any Christmas Tree thieves for this tree!

On a LinkedIn Post, the Lithuanian airport posted “We can guarantee – you haven’t seen anything like this. With knives, scissors, lighters, blades, and all other sorts of dangerous goods on it – this Christmas tree has it all.”

Not All Fun and Cheer

A hilarious take on making a not fun topic a little bit more merry. But it’s not just all fun and holiday cheer. The airport also stated that it’s a holiday reminder about “the importance of aviation security”.

On their social media post, they stated, “The Aviation Security officers at Vilnius Airport opted for an unusual take on the Christmas classic, aiming to send an educational message. So if you don’t want your personal, yet prohibited, belongings to land on next year’s Christmas tree- better check out the baggage requirements before you pack for your next flight. Safe travels!”

If you’re traveling this holiday season, remember to keep your carry-on luggage safe from prohibited items. And if you don’t, you’ll be helping decorate the Vilnius Airport for next year’s holiday season!

Safe travels! And keep your suitcases free from “decorations”.

Written by: Hanna Embry

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