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Love Do What Makes You Happy Be With Who Makes You Smile Laugh As Much As You Breathe Love As Long As You Live



1. Be kind, for everyone you meet
is fighting a hard battle.
2. If you want to be happy, be.
3. Before you diagnose yourself
with depression or low self-
esteem, first make sure that you
are not, in fact, just surrounded
by the wrong people.
4. The more you love your
decisions, the less you need
others to love them.
5. The best day of your life is the
one which you decide your life is
no body else’s to control.
6. We are not human beings
having a spiritual experience, we
are spiritual beings having a
human experience.
7. The only words you’ll regret
more than the ones left unsaid
are the ones you use to
intentionally hurt someone.
8. Keep away from people who
belittle your ambitions.
9. Don’t promise when you’re
happy, don’t reply when you are
angry and don’t decide when
you are sad.
10. Someone else is happy with
less than what you have.


Have the courage to live. Anyone can die.—Robert Cody


Live life to the fullest do not give up easily continues with it’s head held high that you are the master of your destiny and happiness.. love yourself..!! –XLettix Guardado’s



Sometimes I ask myself if I’m living my life the way I want to or am I not living at all?


do more than just exist. live


live life to the fullest. – Ernest Hemingway


Live A Happy And Positive Life


Live beautifully. Dream passionately. Love completely.



Live every moment – Laugh every day – Love beyond words


Your eyes LOSE me Your touch MELTS me Your existence CHILLS me The things you say SHOCKS me And when you say “I LOVE YOU” You got me


be the type of person you want to meet.


I’m the one that’s got to die when it’s time for me to die, so let me live my life the way I want to. ― Jimi Hendrix


If my life is going to mean something, I’ve got to live it myself —Rick Riordan


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