Madea Quotes Part 1

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Madea Quotes (1)

If you put your hands on me, I’m gonna punch all that Spanish out your throat.


Madea Quotes (1)


Madea Quotes (1)

Say heller to my peacemaker!!


Madea Quotes (1)

I hate to tell you this, honey, but your mama was a ho.


Madea Quotes (2)

Suck It up and shut the hell up.


Madea Quotes (2)

I aint scared of no po po! Call da po po hoe! Call da po po hoe!


Madea Quotes (3)

You better get the hell up or when I come back In here, you know what’s gonna happen?…  You’re gonna taste the rainbow.


Madea Quotes (4)

Stop editing your pics. What If you go missing? How you expect us to find you If you look like beyonce on facbook & chief keef In person?


Madea Quotes (5)

This Is what I learned In all these years on this earth If somebody want to walk out of your life, let them go.


Madea Quotes (6)


Talking Behind My Back Only Means You Respect My Presence Enough To KNOW BETTER Than To Act Up In My Face.


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