6 Ways to Make Home Cleaning Fun

by Neal Bricker on

Cleaning the house isn’t exactly the most fun thing to do, but it is essential in home keeping and keeps you and your family healthy. You may not love chores, but there are a few ways to make house cleaning fun, fast, and hassle-free!

If you’re a parent, you’d understandably want to teach your kids the importance of home cleaning, but good luck getting them to clean up after themselves and to throw their trash in the proper bin. Make chores a fun learning experience for the whole family with these 6 ways to make home cleaning fun:

1. Make a Game Out of Your Chores


Chores can be a drag, right? But they don’t have to be. Make a game out of your chores, and it’ll feel more like play than work. Break out of the mundanity of everyday tasks by using game systems to accomplish what you need to do for the day.

Need to teach your kids proper storage techniques? Take some multi-colored dot stickers and label each item to match the label on its storage box. Let the kids turn cleaning up into a matching game. Having a hard time getting kids to throw their trash properly? Put up a makeshift basketball ring and let them score points!

2. Add a Reward System for a Competitive Spirit

Bring out the competitiveness of your kids, or even your spouse, with a fun point system that hits all of the chores you need to do to keep your home clean throughout the week. A little mild competition is healthy for the development of kids, and you can offer a reward at the end of the week to whoever finishes their chores.

Also remember to rotate the chores among the members of your family to keep things fair, and to get everyone involved in all the household chores. 

3. Hire a Part-Time Maid for a Clean Home – Top to Bottom

A clean home is a happy home, and that is probably the cardinal rule for any home maintenance and upkeep! However, most homeowners may find it difficult to balance work, socials, and home chores at the same time. 

Honestly, how many of us have put off washing those dishes until the next day, or have forgotten to do the laundry during the weekends?

For the busy parent, hiring a part time maid service is a big help in the upkeep of your home, and gives you more time to spend with your kids! A part-time maid will help with general household duties, such as cleaning and organizing items as needed. They do a great job in maintaining a home, without the heavy fees of hiring a full-time maid. 

Too busy to find a part-time maid that you’ll have to perform a background check on? Hire a maid from a reputable agency to ensure that the person you’re letting into your home is trustworthy, experienced, and is able to work well with you. 

4. Sing While You Do Chores

Sometimes, all you need to make those cleaning chores fun is to sing while you work! Put on a show by belting out your vocals, as long as you don’t bother your neighbors. It may sound silly, but singing while doing chores keeps you upbeat, and gives you a rhythm as you do cleaning tasks.

You can also opt to put on some headphones and listen to upbeat music to get you working at a faster pace, and you’ll finish those chores in no time! Just make sure the music gets you working instead of sleeping by choosing more beat-heavy songs than calm ones. 

5. Take Turns Doing Dinner – Cooking Show Style!

Do family members have a knack for cooking? Turn this messy chore into a cooking show instead, and get the whole family involved in the food preparation process. Get your ingredients ready beforehand to minimize the mess, and get your kids to learn about proper cooking techniques.

Take turns cooking and cleaning up, so everyone has a fair share of their dining experience at home. Research during the start of the week on what you need to prepare beforehand, and let your family members explore different cuisines and cooking methods that they want to try. You may end up with a new secret family recipe!

6. Do Pet Care the Fun Way.

Brushing your pet’s fur may be boring to you, and stressful for your pet. Still, you can’t leave those pet hairs to fly around your house and make your home messy. Plus, pet hair is a known cause of allergies! 

Instead of stressing yourself and your pet with regular grooming, make it fun with some soft, pet-friendly combs that will feel like a massage instead of a wire brush pulling out your pet’s fur. Take the time for some bonding with your pets, and get the kids involved in proper pet care as well.

Written by: Neal Bricker

Neal Bricker is a blogger who loves writing about entertainment and funny stuff.