Man Claims Double Lottery Jackpot

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One lucky punter is having a Christmas and New Year to remember after he scooped a double lottery jackpot.

A man in the United States is celebrating after winning big on the lottery. Amazingly, he claimed two lottery jackpots in the space of two months.

The man – from Maryland – won twice. Firstly, he claimed a $50,000 top prize on The Price is Right scratch card back in October. Furthermore, the 72-year-old Harford Country man returned to lottery HQ this month.

Double Lottery Jackpot Success

For this second victory, the man claimed the $20,200 top prize from the 202 Cash scratch card. He confirmed the card was purchased at a Short Stop Beverage in Aberdeen.

Double Lottery Jackpot

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So, two large sums of money in the space of two months.

“I went to purchase a few of the $10 tickets,” said the happy winner. “And, then I saw that shiny $20 2020 Cash ticket glistening in the scratch-off case and I just had to have some of them as well.”

According to the man’s son, who joined him to collect the prizes, said the family was shocked by the bought of good fortune.

“What are the chances?” the son said. “He’s just really lucky and I am so happy for him.”

Certainly, the man now has some spare money and says he will use the winnings for home improvements.

Reporter Wins the Lottery

This is second lottery story to grab headlines this week. We previously wrote about a Spanish news reporter who won her local lottery live on TV.

Natalia Escudero, a reporter for public broadcaster RTVE, was so excited to win the lottery when reporting live that she told her network she would not be into work the next day. However, the winnings were not as high as expected and Escudero was forced to apologize.

Still, there’s nothing quite like a double lottery jackpot win. Let us know what you would do with the money if you won the lottery.

Written by: Hatice Degirmenci

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