One Man to Try Dog Food Diet for A Month

by Luke Jones on

Many people have tried various diets in an effort to get fit a healthy. One man believes he can achieve success with a dog food diet.

As New Year’s resolutions go, this is a fairly crazy one. However, Mitch Felderhoff is committed and has already been nothing but dog food for 20 days and has 10 days to go.

His diet has consisted entirely of chicken, venison, beef, and elk dog foods. All the food has been freeze-dried and is premium quality. Mitch has also allowed himself to nibble on dog kibble.

It is worth noting Mitch has a vested interest in dog food. He is president of sales and marketing and co-owner of Muenster Milling Co., a pet food distributor in Muenster.

Dog Food Diet

Still, this diet pushes taking your work home to a whole new level.

“Probably my favorite feed right now is our ancient grains ocean fish. I don’t know why, but from a kibble standpoint, it tastes the best to me,” Felderhoff said. “And then on the freeze-dried side, our chicken meatballs and our beef meatballs are pretty good for dog food.”

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Mitch has been tracking his diet on social media and through his company’s official site. He says the high-protein diet is working better than any fad diet he has ever been on. In fact, he has already lost 20 pounds.

“We’ve tried Paleo, we’ve tried Whole 30. … Last January, I did Carnivore where I did only meat and nothing else,” Felderhoff said, “And so I knew that for 30 days I could make myself eat whatever I wanted to.”

Importantly, Mitch consulted with his doctor before embarking on the 100% dog food eating program.

“We trust [Muenster Milling] so much we’re willing to eat it,” he said. “And we know a lot of these other companies would never eat [their product] because they know what they’re putting in it.”

So, that’s the dog food diet. Do you think you would be able to eat dog food for a month?

Written by: Luke Jones

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