Megalodon: A Terrible Horror in the Sea

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If someone ask you what is the biggest animal in the world? You probably say the answer is Whale. But you will surprise, this whale were the food of another biggest animal in the ocean. After the extinction of Dinosaur, the kind of the ocean is Megalodon. About 23 million years ago, this animal was live in the underneath sea. The scientific name of this animal is Carcharocles Megalodon and Nick name The Meg.

How big was Megalodon?

You will get this answer from it’s teeth. The biggest teeth of them found that is about 7 inch long and wide is not little where the white shark’s teeth is 3 inch long. But scientist found only the Megalodon’s teeth and vertebrae. The scientists give some concept about the Megalodon comparing with its relative white shark. From Natural History Museum: Magalodon is about 10 meter to 18 meter long. On the other hand, its about 25 meter long: Encyclopedia Britannica.

There was a lot of difference between the sex of Megalodon over weight.

Female megalodon weight: 27.4 – 59.4 Metric Ton

MaleĀ  megalodon weight: 12.6 to 33.9 Metric Ton

The idea is, they had such a huge shape due to proper environment and adequate food. And because of the extraordinary greed they were bitter enough to bite them. In the White Shark, where 18,000 Newton balls apply, there are bites of Meglodon 110,000 to 180,000 Newton.


Megalodon Habitat

Megalodon was roaming around the whole world. Its fossils have been found in all parts of the world including Europe, Africa, America and Australia. Even their body was recovered from Mariana Trench. Again, the Indian subcontinent was not deprived of Megalodon’s grip. The deep sea from the coast – they have adapted all over the place. Although the children, Megalodan were mostly comfortable in coastal areas.

Megalodon Eating habits

Among the hunters, the names of the top names were Megalodon. With huge teeth, they have an exclusive kingdom in the sea. From small fish to seal, tortoises it eats. The dolphins, or other minor sharks, could not be dropped from the list. Even the Whales did not get forgiveness on their huge body, from these monsters. Their hunting techniques were very complicated. According to the size of the victims, they set their strategies. Most of the time, they used to attack the victim’s heart and lungs. And while hunting large, they often hunted down the white shark.

Breeding of Megalodon

Like most other sharks, Megalodon used nursery for their childbirth where there was a large number of food and protection from predators. Based on the fossils they received, these nursery areas were the hot water sea coast.

Because there was both food and security guarantees here. Among these nursery areas, there are Panama folding forms, culvert forms of Maryland, Bannko the consonant of Canary Islands and sister valley format in Florida.

Megalodon’s baby is about 3.5 meters or 11 feet long. These are the simple victims of Hammer Head Shark and Nageliton Shark in childhood. And that’s why they keep nursery areas as safe as possible. The small fish, seal, sea turtle, etc. are listed on the Megalodon’s food.

Extinction of Megalodon

Changes in ecosystems and climate change are the main reasons for the extinction of Megalodon. They were warm blood animals. And this time it stood for them. Today, almost 35 million years ago, the temperature of the earth suddenly started to cool down. As a result, the foods which Megalodon’s were dependent on are reduced due to lack of food and as soon as the ice age begins, many animals go to the pole region. But Megalodon was not able to follow them. Because they were dependent on warm water to keep their body warm.

Moreover, due to the arrival of the ice age, the sea level rise has reduced their pasture area. Apart from this, some other predatory animals, including whale whales, have also emerged as their rivals. Due to the decrease of food, they had to fight with other Megalodon. And not only to survive, but also to maintain their body temperature with sea temperature, they needed a lot of food. And in this way, the mysterious Megalodon disappeared slowly from the earth’s chest.

Naturally, the Megalodons have been extinct from the earth. But less water was not lost on their extinction. Many people are currently claiming to see Megalodon. On YouTube you will find many videos about their current existence. But the scientists did not meet these washings. According to them, there is no possibility of seeing Megalodon presently.

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