Michael Jackson Conspiracy Gets Fans Excited

by Luke Jones on

Is this a Michael Jackson conspiracy?

Some fans of Michael Jackson believe the singer may still be alive following the release of footage from a lookalike.

The King of Pop died in 2009 but a Michael Jackson conspiracy has suggested he may still be alive. Now, fans of the “Thriller” star believe he is still alive and pretending to be an impersonator of himself.

So, that’s weird. Either way, the amazing claims have been made after a video of Sergio Cortes went viral. Cortes is a Spanish impersonator of Michael Jackson who admittedly has an uncanny resemblance to the singer.

Image: Sergio Cortes Facebook

Michael Jackson Conspiracy

As a result, fans are demanding Cortes prove he is not Jackson my taking a DNA test. People are getting excited over Cortes’ latest video, which they think shows proof he is the King of Pop.

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Published last week, Cortes asks people to come watch him perform at a gig in Thailand.

He is seen saying: “Hello to all Michael Jackson fans, come and watch me perform at Pattaya on December 23.

“I love you guys and I’ll see you there, I am Sergio Cortes – I’ll see you soon.”

Is he Really Jackson?

Of course, there are some clear signs that Cortes is not really Michael Jackson, such as his Spanish accents. Then there is the fact he looks like a younger Michael Jackson. Even so, some fans are not convinced.

One fan wrote: “I love you Michael, my Michael has come back. We love you.”

Another added: “I am convinced you are Michael Jackson himself.”

Taking to his Facebook page, Sergio detailed how he decided to impersonate Michael Jackson and make it his career.

He said: “When I was finishing high school in 1987, a journalist observed that I was similar [to Michael Jackson] and asked me why I didn’t put on makeup like he did in a report for a magazine.

“I found it fun. Then, two weeks later, they called me some Swiss producers who promoted Michael Jackson perfume to use my image.”

What do you folks think, is this Michael Jackson conspiracy the real deal?

Written by: Luke Jones

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