Missing Someone In Heaven Quotes

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If roses grow in heaven, Lord please pick up a bunch for us. Place them in our mother’s arms and tell her they’re from us. Tell her we love her and miss her, and when she turns to smile, place a kiss upon her cheek and hold her for awhile. Because remembering her is easy. We do it every day, but there’s an ache within my heart that will never go away. – Kirsten Preus

Pennies from Heaven I found a penny today just laying on the ground But it’s not just a penny this little coin I’ve found “Found” pennies come from heaven that’s what my Grandpa told me He said angels toss them down oh, how I loved that story He said when an angel misses you they toss a penny down Sometimes just to to cheer you up To make a smile out of your frown. So don’t pass by that penny when you’re feeling blue. It may be a penny from heaven that an Angel’s tossed to you.


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