Is NASA Faking Space Exploration? Some People Believe So

by Luke Jones on

Social media has erupted with accusations asking is NASA faking space exploration?

Many conspiracies have surrounding the NASA space program. For example, many people believe man never actually visited the moon and that the moon landings were fake.

Social media has now got involved and some people believe even videos from the International Space Station (ISS) are fake.

This has led to the question, is NASA faking space exploration?

The Evidence

A video posted on YouTube claims NASA has never sent people to space and says the evidence is before our eyes.

Titled “Liar Liar Pants on Wires”, the video suggests NASA is faking low gravity environments and wires can be seen supporting astronauts.

On the ISS, astronauts are in low gravity situations where the float around. Importantly, NASA releases videos showing astronauts in these environments. However, the conspiracy theorists say wires are clearly visible.

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For example, the YouTube video show analysis of videos released by NASA showing life aboard the ISS. According to the YouTuber, we can see an astronaut do a back flip without generating his own momentum.

“He’s not kicking off anything to initiate the flip”, the video-maker claims in a caption.

YouTuber John Caleb Warren says this back flip was assisted by wires (Image: NASA)

Is NASA Faking Space Exploration?

NASA posted the video in March, but it has recently become popular amongst conspiracy theorists on Reddit (as reported by The Daily Star).

A Reddit user said: “If true, that’s wild.

“I did see that guy in the USMC shirt grab what appeared to be a hidden wire or cable behind the guy doing the flip next to him.

“Seems like they’re doing a David Copperfield routine combined with video compositing.”

Another Redditor was less sure and said lying about space exploration would be an international effort. Furthermore, getting countries to co-operate on the lie would be unlikely.

They wrote: “You realize that ~15 countries participate in the ISS.

“Including Russia.

“I really don’t see how the US and Russia are going to cooperate with a lie like this.

“And all of the companies and countries that send resupply missions to the ISS. I suppose all of them are lying too. And for what reason? Money?

“NASA doesn’t have a big budget compared to how much we spend on defence.”

What do you guys think, is NASA faking space exploration or is this just a wild theory?

Written by: Luke Jones

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