New Funny Quotes Part One

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Mom, how come computers are so smart? Because they listen to their motherboards!

Your classmates reaction when your name comes in between a chapter.

It’s hard to admit It, But..Mom, I’m White.

I wonder If I said “Hello” how many friends would say It back?

When you look like trash and someone compliments you  THANKS.

A brilliant solution to a broken wall.

State Pooper

Hey doctor It’s my heart.. not an MP3 player.

Come at me Bro I’ll turtle slap the shit out of you.

With girlfriend, Without girlfriend.

Guess what…

Who needs a spare tire? You have duct tape!

Me at family gatherings….

My biggest childhood fear.

Rent me hourly at…

When the whole class talking but teacher tell you to be quiet.

I actually have a life outside of facebook but I don’t remember the password for it!

A mini hammock to rest ur feet under ur desk.

Future generations will never know about this unique relationship

Red bull give you wings

This Is how  I look during every 8:30 am class.

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