New Funny Quotes Part Three

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Funny Qoutes (42)

Sometimes I just need a contraption like this…

Funny Qoutes (43)

Everything was going fine until she came along.

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Funny Qoutes (46)

What if Pinocchio said “my nose is going to grow now”

Funny Qoutes (47)

Go away, bear you already drunk.

Funny Qoutes (48)

When you accidently touch a piece of gum under a desk.

Funny Qoutes (49)

When one door closes ,  another opens. Or you can open the closed door. That’s hoe doors work.

Funny Qoutes (50)

So let me get this right you got the new Iphone  and your fridge Is empty?

Funny Qoutes (51)

After Tuesday , even the calendar goes WTF

Funny Qoutes (52)

How I feel when bae plays with my hair.

Funny Qoutes (53)

As soon as you finish putting my diaper on I will shit.

Funny Qoutes (54)

Excuse me there seems to be a face on your makeup.

Funny Qoutes (55)

Dance like no one is watching… Because they ate not .. they are checking their phone.

Funny Qoutes (56)

Dude, I just peed on that…

Funny Qoutes (57)

Common sense Is like deodorant. The people who need It most never use It.

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Funny Qoutes (60)

Wlcome to a relationship, Where I’M always worng and logic doesn’t matter.

Funny Qoutes (61)

They say that love Is more Important than money, but have you ever tried to pay your bills with a hug?

Funny Qoutes (62)

When I was small I thought money and fame brought all the happiness In the world . Now tha I’m grown up, I know I was right.

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