Nicolas Cage New Year Party Surprise Shocks Locals

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Why was Nicolas Cage celebrating New Year in a sleepy English village?

New Year’s Eve revelers were stunned when actor Nicolas Cage joined their festive celebrations during December 31.

The actor spent the New Year’s Eve party with locals at a small Somerset pub. Furthermore, Cage chipped in an bought everyone a drink.

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People who attended the get together described the 55-year-old Oscar winner as a “total legend”. Taking to Reddit, one of the locals (known as Koink) added Cage was a “cool dude”.

He posted: “Nicolas Cage spent NYE in my small, local pub, in Somerset. He bought everyone a drink.”

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Nicolas Cage New Year Party

That pub was the Tramways Social Club, not the usual Hollywood venue you would expect to see Cage in. During the night, the actor posed for selfies with the locals.

“Our newest member, Nicolas Cage,” the club posted on its Facebook page.

Another member of the club took to the official Facebook page and also deemed Cage to be a “legend”. In addition, they wrote it was “so kind of him to have bought us all a drink”.

Lorraine Barrett, who got the selfie, posted: “Happy new year Nicolas Cage, thank you for making a small club happy by your presence. You are now a member of the Tramways.”


Why Was Cage In A Local Pub?

While Nic Cage is famous for his quirky antics, his surprise visit to the Tramways makes some sense. The star is known to have a house in Baltonsborough, a village near Glastonbury. In other words, its not a shock to see him visit a pub in the local area. Even Hollywood movies stars need to relax like normal people sometimes!

Cage won an Academy Award in 1995 for his role as a Hollywood writer in Leaving Las Vegas. For that same part, he also collected a Screen Actors’ Guild Award and a Golden Globe.

What do you think of this Nicolas Cage New Year story? Would you have chatted with the icon if he dropped in your local pub?

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