No Trouser Tube Day 2020 Baffles Commuters

by Luke Jones on

Over the weekend, people braved the cold weather in London for No Trouser Tube Day 2020.

No Trouser Tube Day is a hilarious annual event that had its 2020 event over the weekend. During the day, hundreds of people in London stripped off their trousers an hit the city’s Underground train.

Let’s be clear, in January London is a cold place to be, so going anywhere in just underwear will make for a chilly experience.

However, the gathering of men and women were unconcerned as they removed trousers, skirts, leggings, and shorts.


What Is No Trouser Tube Day?

London embraced the idea of a no pants day on the subway after it originated in New York City back in 2002. On that occasion, just seven people took off their pants for a ride on the train. Since then, the event has grown and spread to 60 cities, such as Moscow and Berlin.

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Thousands of people now remove their pants to go on public transfer for one day each year. In London, the event tasks commuters with stripping down to the y-fronts and lingerie for some chilly January fun.

It is worth noting that the Tube Day should not be confused with No Pants Day, a separate event for stripping down on your bottom half.

2020 Event

For 2020, the event started in Chinatown and spread out across several tube lines before finishing at a cozy afterparty at a Soho pub.

In a hilarious twist this year, a group of semi-dressed participants put on a dance show at Waterloo station.

Organizers of the event are careful to ensure participants don’t push the event too far.

The group’s Facebook page reads: ‘Anybody found to be removing more than their trousers will be kicked off the train and reported to the British Transport Police and station authorities.’

If you took part in this year’s No Trouser Tube Day or any other year’s event, let us know in the comments below.

Written by: Luke Jones

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