Cheeky Parent Regifts iPad Christmas Present

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.Many kids dream of having an iPad Christmas present, but one mother may have misunderstood what that means.

The parent said she is planning to give an iPad Christmas present to her children, but it will be their old device. She will regift iPads as new ones after she had previously confiscated them.

Over a summer of bad behavior, the mother punished her six and seven-year-old children by taking away their iPad Mini devices. She says the pair were ‘constantly fighting with each other and just being brats in general’.

According to the anonymous parent, she told the kids the iPads had been sold and they have not seen them since.

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She went as far as to pack up the devices with all through accessories and prepare to sell them, “but I couldn’t do it”.

Despite being unable to sell the devices and seeing her children in floods of tears, the iPads “went into a box in the closet. Summer passed; fall passed.”

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Since the tough punishment, the parent says the kids have behaved well. So much so they have earned the iPads back, says the parent. However, in an interesting twist, the parent is going to regift the iPads as a Christmas present

iPad Christmas present Regift

Explaining the decision to refit the iPad Minis, the parent says a lack of finances has driven the decision. Interestingly, the parent hopes the kids will have no idea the iPads are their old ones. Both children still think their device was sold.

“Christmas is coming. Money is super tight this year. Am I the a**hole for wanting to clear the iPads with a factory reset, buy a couple new cases as a distraction and regift them their old iPads as new ones?”

Social Media Reaction

On the Reddit post made by the parent, many users were angry by the decision, pointing out the iPads had already been gifted once.

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Some users lashed out at the idea, with one writing: “You’ve already gifted them to your kids.

“If they were taken away because of their poor behavior, giving them back should be earned by their good behavior, not as a regift.

“You’re sending them mixed signals. Is it a gift? Is a gift with conditions? What does a gift really mean if it can be taken back? Do you want them to think it’s acceptable to take back gifts they give people in the future?”

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